Monday, January 18, 2010

Jude Aukerman Grover
January 10, 2010
3:06 p.m.
6lbs 11 oz
19 1/2 inches


Aunt Nell said...

So precious and adorable in His sight! God is good and I am happy for the 4 of you. Welcome Jude!! You are loved!!! Hope you guys are adjusting well and recovering fast!! <3 you guys.


Praise to the Lord God Almighty! What a beautiful baby! He shares a birthday with my sister, Cassie Ann Boyd who went to be with Jesus that same day...What a GOOD God we serve!!! Praying for you all as you adjust to Mr. Jude.:)

Kami said...

Thank you Lord!!!!! Praise Him!!!

I have been waiting for you to post. He is absolutely adorable. Congrats to you and your family!!! I am so excited and happy for you.