Thursday, February 25, 2010


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It has been such an amazing experience for me to record my thoughts, dreams, joys, hurts, and daily life on this blog over the last 2 years. I began A Journey of Grace as a way to remember and reflect on what God was doing in my life during a very difficult season. After learning about the condition of my sweet Olivianna Grace, who at the time was 24 weeks in my belly, I was devastated (To read about The beginning). I had questions, and fears, and hopes and dreams....I had prayers and pleads and all of the "why me's???" I simply had a million things running through my head, and a million things weighing on my heart....and I needed to let them out. I needed the ability to look back (even just looking back to yesterday) to remember God's faithfulness in the small and big things.

Here it is, February 2010, almost 2 years from my first post, and I am still on this journey. Praise the Lord that I will be on a journey of grace until my last breath...and that He will guide me and hold me along the way, as He has been so faithful and patient to do in the past.

My desire to continue blogging has wavered to say the least. So often I have tons on my mind to type, but the discipline to sit down and do it is isn't there. OR, I will sit down and put all my thoughts down....get distracted doing something else, and come back to the post two weeks later and find that it doesn't apply anymore..(Making it very hard to finish the post)! These are the ones that sit as DRAFTS for years! Another reason I find it difficult to blog is because I often look at other blogs know, the creative and artsy ones...and then feel completely inadequate as a person and a blogger!

Nonetheless....I am going to press on in this blog world! This past year I have had two blogs (my Journey of Grace blog and Grover Photography blog) in which I have been slow to update both. I have decided that it would be best to only have one blog that I can keep all my thoughts, creations, daily life recordings, as well as business posts on. This way, my photography clients can read personal posts as well...and I can be more focused.

There are parts of me that feel very guilty about changing the name of my new blog to LIFE: Grover Style. I struggle because it feels like I am moving on from "A journey of Grace" and the amazing things that the Lord did during the two years that I wrote on it. I don't want to "move on" from my thoughts and remembrance of Olivianna Grace. BUT I know that God will use this new journey for His glory and that those that need to read A Journey of Grace will read it through God's sovereign plan. It has always been my prayer and desire that others would understand the amazing love of Jesus because of His faithfulness in my life.

SO...without further ado....Please click on over to and be refreshed with me!

Thank you my faithful blog readers for your encouragement and support these last two years!

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Take heart... said...

It's utterly amazing to me that almost every time I'm surfing the web and wondering how you are.. you had JUST posted something.

I can't believe it's been almost two years. I remember that June afternoon like it was yesterday. I love that I have been able to travel with you on your journey, but I sooo *get* why you are moving and merging. And why it's a little trepidatious.

I will be following you though... Just because I love you.